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Premiere: Logan Cage "Play No Games" Feat. Taylor Bennett

The Chicago rapper debuts a new song on VIBE.com.

Logan Cage turned tragedy into motivation, and he is here to let the world know that his music is nothing to play with.

Growing up in Chicago's Little Village neighborhood, Cage realized his love for hip-hop at a young age. He dropped out of school in 2013 to pursue a career as a rapper, but he admits that his approach to securing a place in the industry began passively. However, when his best friend was murdered in June of 2013, Cage began to view his life with a sense of urgency. "That like motivated me to actually take everything seriously and to see things from a different point of view," Cage says.

I'm tryna be the best me I could be. // @fotogenocide_

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Formerly known as "1636 Logan," this 22-year-old has been on consistently cranking out tracks. In 2015, he released his debut mixtape 1636, which has been streamed over 150 thousand times on Soundcloud. Also, at the beginning of the summer sixteen he dropped an EP called The New Wave.

"Play No Games" is Cage's latest single, and he is definitely isn't holding back his words. Lines such as "I'm a stallion, homie/ You don't wanna run into me/ You a mustang/ You must think s**t sweet round here/ I let em know, better get low/ They bucking heat 'round here" show off his unique flow and reminds listeners that he's one to watch.

Taylor Bennett, up-and-coming rapper and younger sibling to Chance The Rapper, regards Cage as one of his very good friends. They have a long history of performing and working together, but "Play No Games" is their first project together in the past two years. As two hungry young artists on the rise, their collaboration felt natural. Bennett spits a bold feature on the track, and he credits his inspiration to what Cage had already put down.

"If I hear a beat, and words don’t just start pouring out of me, I just won’t write to it because then what I’m saying isn’t real," Bennett says. "When I heard the production I was like 'God Damn, this is it!' So, just instantly the words started flowing out and, before we knew it, we looked up and an hour later we had this amazing track."

Cage currently resides in Brighton Park on Chicago's southwest side, and he's hard at work every day. He plans to drop his next EP, Still Iconic, in early October, but says his focal point all year has been his upcoming sophomore tape. He spent five months perfecting "Play No Games," before bringing it to Bennett. He believes it's a "tough record" and a statement about his craft that speaks for itself.

"I just want to make statements and let people know that I’m here, and I’m not playing no games," he says.

Listen here:

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