A Daunting Glimpse At America Without Immigrants


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is determined to build a wall between Mexico and the United States if elected into the White House this November, but his effort to “make America great again” by deporting 11 million immigrants promises to change the fabric of the country for the worst, according to Los Angeles Magazine.

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In a brief video profile, Latino voices join together to reveal how critical immigrants are to the second-largest city in the United States, much like they are to the rest of the nation. Since immigrants own 64.4 percent of main street businesses, work 76 percent of construction jobs and make up 76 percent of the agricultural workforce, it’s safe to conclude “without immigrants, there is no L.A.” Apply the same concept to the nation as a whole, and we’ve got ourselves a real social and perhaps economic crisis, no?

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See for yourselves why the California city would struggle to survive if 34 percent of its population disappeared: