Here’s 5 Reasons To Make ‘The Ainsworth’ Your NFL Destination


NFL is Americans’ favorite sport. In addition to basketball, the professional sport is one of the most popular events on TV.  A 2011 Adweek/ Harris Poll indicated 64 percent of Americans actively watch the sport from the semi-comfort of their home. Now that fall is officially here, it’s time to step outside of the norms–and your battle with bae over the remote– and see how The Ainsworth can enhance your football experience.

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The NYC-based chain has stepped up the ante to provide customers with just that. An upscale sports bar with locations in Gramercy, Midtown and Chelsea, its luxury setting makes you feel relaxed–not intimidated. With over 152 HD wide television screens, The Ainsworth allows a fun time with friends without breaking the bank.

Chek out five other reasons to make The Ainsworth your NFL destination in the gallery above.

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