5 Best Lines From Meek Mill’s Diss Track To The Game


Over the weekend rappers Meek Mill and Game exchanged jabs on diss tracks — and social media. First, The Game went on a rant about Meek Mill and then threatened to fight him on stage at one of his shows in Miami. This, in turn, lead Game to go on a rampage of instagram posts.

The Game went on to drop “92 Bars” — a diss track against Meek. The Philly rapper then responded with his own diss track over Young M.A.’s summer smash, “OOOUU. Meek teamed up with Philly Vet Beanie Sigel and Omelly for a scathing attack.

Here are the top 5 most venomous lines from the song.

“You was signed to a rat you a mouse nigga”

Meek manages to kill two birds with one stone by sending a jab not only to Game but Game’s ex boss, 50 Cent. Earlier this year Meek and 50 also had an online feud and trading punches by posting memes of each other. 50’s historic battle with Ja Rule and Murder INC lead to the rumor of 50 Cent placing an order of protection against Irv Gotti. Meek is talking abotu the rumor that Fif talked to the feds about the situation in where he was stabbed during an altercation between G-Unit and Murder INC.

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