There’s No Funnier Sight Than Watching Michelle Obama Grocery Shop With Ellen DeGeneres


Ellen DeGeneres is like an idle child fresh off some sweets when she makes a store run. How do we know? Thanks to a new segment on her show where she prepares First Lady Michelle Obama for life after the White House, we have the footage to prove it.

When the First Lady enters a CVS armed with a flock of suited up Secret Service, a camera crew and a mischievous talk show host, she has no idea just what she’s getting herself into. As Michelle tries to figure out how to cash out at a CoinStar machine, Ellen is grabbing Halloween masks to scare her. When Michelle makes friends with a new mom pushing her newborn down the aisle, Ellen is trying to sign the baby’s forehead. As Michelle is stumped on the concept of boxed wine and how to open it, Ellen has already popped off the top of a vodka bottle to use as a party cup. At the register, while Michelle is scanning items and inserting the money, Ellen is tearing open a candy bar and hopping into the shopping cart for a joyride. Michelle even shuts down Ellen’s pleas for a prime spot on a U.S. currency by letting her know the requirement is to do something like revolutionary. “You should’ve freed some slaves,” Mrs. Obama cleverly jokes after a nod to Harriet Tubman. Life given.

Throughout the hilarious adventure, FLOTUS, who presumably hasn’t taken a leisurely stroll to her local CVS in quite some time, looks on in embarrassment, shushes and swats Ellen away jokingly and, like us home viewers, throws her head back in laughter.

Watch the excursion unfold here.