Six Reasons To Binge Watch ‘Narcos’ This Labor Day Weekend

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The Netflix original is back with a second season following a jam packed 10 episode debut. The hit program follows the rise and fall of the popular Colombian kingpin, Pablo Escobar during his Medellin drug cartel reign. Escobar’s name is now in the same category as other favorite kingpin television characters such as Walter White (Breaking Bad) and Tony Soprano (The Sopranos).

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Even if you’re not caught up do not worry, there’s still time to catch up before season two makes its way to Netflix on Friday (Sept. 2). The question that looms is the mysterious death of Pablo Escobar. Season one ended circa 1992 and Escobar was murdered at the end of 1993, but the murder remains an unsolved mystery. According to Pablo’s brother Roberto Escobar, the plot of season two has not been altered for television viewing pleasure. Enjoy the truth people.

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Narcos takes you to the exact location he was killed to give you an authentic look into the suspenseful end to the life of one of the most powerful men the world has ever seen.

Season two opens with Escobar on the run out of prison as a wanted man by both law enforcement and the Cali Cartel.  A manhunt ensues for the drug kingpin on all fronts, from law enforcement to Los Pepes, a vigilante group made up of Escobar’s enemies.

Above, check out six reasons to watch one of the most epic crime dramas ever created.