Nas And Kevin Durant Join Bill Simmons For ‘Any Given Wednesday’


Nas and Kevin Durant joined Bill Simmons for a sit-down on his HBO show Any Given Wednesday last night (Sept. 21). They covered an array of topics and the dynamic between the three was a sight to behold. We learned a lot about the two respective superstars in the interview. This is a case of the prime example of how rappers want to be ball players and vice versa, then there’s Bill Simmons right in the middle of things.

The former ESPN employee knew his stuff, asking all of the questions the public wanted to know, especially regarding Durant’s decision to leave Oklahoma City for Golden State.

Here are some of the most interesting things we learned from the conversation.

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Nas is inspired by Drake, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. The three artists remind him the most of himself coming up in hip-hop. He also believes rap is at a better place than ten years ago when he made Hip Hop Is Dead. The Queensbridge rapper later shared that he wishes he could’ve worked with Tupac and Biggie. He also wishes he got to tell them that, “The world was about to become a hip-hop planet,” before they passed.

Kevin Durant admitted his Rick James tattoo has nothing to do with Dave Chappelle. “My earliest memories of music were grandma cleaning the house, listening to Rick James,” the former MVP recalled. KD also went with Damian Lillard as the best rapper in the NBA today and how he looks up to LeBron James. “You need someone to keep you on your toes,” he said.

Obviously, the Westbrook questions came along for Durant, saying the relationship will only be competitive on the court. “If I go out there and just nod my head at Russell, something’s going to come out of it,” he said. “If I give him a hug, something’s going to come out of it. No matter what I do, somebody’s going to say something.”

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Make sure to tune in every Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST for the rest of season one of Any Given Wednesday.