Judge Finds Nick Gordon ‘Legally Responsible’ For Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Death


News surfaced out of Fulton County, Ga., Friday morning (Sept. 16), that Nick Gordon was deemed “legally responsible” for the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown, 11Alive reports.

The ruling was confirmed after Gordon failed to show up in court for a hearing on the wrongful death lawsuit that was filed against him by Bobbi Kristina’s estate. Gordon faced accountability of “battery, assault, and intentional infliction of emotional distress” within the suit.

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Bobbi Kristina’s aunt, Leolah Brown, also commented on the judge’s ruling. “It’s been a long time. They should have been gotten him,” she said. “He should have been arrested. I’m angry. I’m angry because I want to see some justice. Something has to happen.”

Following Gordon’s recent appearance on Dr. Phil, attorneys stated that his interview was “proof he thumbed nose at court,” reporter Jennifer Leslie states.

One of the lawyers representing Bobbi Kristina’s estate, R. David Ware, issued a statement following the legal proceeding. “In court today, we finally finished a long journey for justice for Bobbi Kristina Brown,” he said. “The court agrees with us, by striking Mr. Gordon’s answer that he is legally responsible for her death. The only thing left to prove is the value of her life. We intend to do that. Bobbi Brown, the father represented by Craig Terry. Mr. Gordon will not put on any evidence in contradiction of that.”

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Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston’s 22-year-old daughter was found unconscious in a tub of water on Jan. 31, 2015 in her Georgia based home. After a medical investigation, a toxic mixture of morphine, alcohol, marijuana and other drugs were found in her system, CBS News reports. Her estate accused Gordon of administering the “toxic cocktail” and placing her in the bathtub.

She was then transferred to a hospice care center, but remained in a coma and passed away on July 26, 2015.

Details are still forthcoming.