“Power” Recap: The 18 Best Lines From Episode 8 “Trust Me”

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The roles have switched and level headed Ghost is now second in command as Tommy assumes the role as leader. In Power season three episode eight “Trust Me,” Milan begins to see Tommy as more than a mouthy drug runner, but as a potential aid. The cannibalistic villain tells Tommy as soon as he let’s go of his attachments–being brother to Ghost and uncle to his children–one day he may even replace him as an international distributor, but that will take time and proof.

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Back at the station, all eyes are pointing to Valdes as more information about Lobos’ escape and death comes to light. As agent Donovan reveals more details about the Lobos crime scene, it only further adds to Knox’s suspicion that Angela aided Ghost in his escape and death. The fairy tale is over as everyone scrambles to stay one step ahead of everyone else. Check out the best lines from Power season three episode eight “Trust Me.”
1.”Tatiana will stitch you up and Petrov will drive you home. I will come for you later because we have business to discuss.” Milan
After Milan’s men nearly beat Tommy to death, Milan wakes Tommy up and begins to massage their new working relationship. Milan see’s potential in Tommy and realizes he may be more valuable than he originally anticipated.
2.”I need a plane ticket and I need money. Twenty-thousand dollars.” Hugo
Hugo still doesn’t know Lobos is dead and questions Sandoval about Lobos’ whereabouts. Fearing their plans have gone awry, the two meet in a garage where Sandoval demands the burner phone. Hugo promises Sandoval the phone in exchange for $20,000 and a plane ticket. If not, Sandoval’s daughter and ex-wife could be killed.
3.”You couldn’t protect Lobos, how are you gonna protect me? I’ll be dead in a day, so f*ck you and f*ck off.” Ruiz

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The task force originally promised Ruiz immunity in exchange for his cooperation in the Lobos trial. Now that Lobos is dead, Knox and Sax have gone back on their word and tell Ruiz he may have to do jail time. Ruiz is no fool and quickly tells Knox and Sax f*ck off.
4.”Them b*tch a** mother*ckers across the street, Andy and Allen, they swooped in and got the deal with Karen, bruh.” Dre
While Ghost was trying to figure out a way to regain his freedom from Milan, his club competitors swooped in and landed the deal with Karen Bassett. This poses as a bigger problem than just friendly competition as Milan wants his product sold in Karen Bassett’s club.
5.”You ever been set on fire before, Hugo? It smells like bacon except more personal.” Tommy
Ghost convinces Tommy to agree to a meeting with Hugo in hopes to learn who is his connect on the Lobos task force. Hugo assumes he’s just going to meet Tommy, but when Ghost appears demanding answers to his questions, Tommy warns him there’s a multitude of ways he can be killed.
6.”But this is interesting: only one set of bullets in Lobos but he was walked in the woods by two men, two sets of footprints.” Agent Donovan
Knox, Valdes and Sax are sitting in a conference room when Agent Donovan runs down the details of what they know about Lobos’ murder. Donovan tells the team while they don’t know who the killer is, they know it was two men who committed the crime, which further fuels Knox’s belief St. Patrick and Egan are the men behind the hit.

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7.”And who is Felipe Lobos again?” Ghost
MJ stops by Truth to question Ghost about his relationship with Valdes, and to see if she leaked information to him about Lobos. MJ tries her best to get Ghost to crack, but Ghost is too smart to fall for her tricks and plays dumb when the name Lobos comes up.
8.”I do, putting murdering drug dealers in jail. What do you do?”Angela
Angela knows the task force is trying to pin Lobos’ death on her so she starts doing her own leg work. She stops by Tasha’s apartment to find out where she was the night Lobos was killed. Tasha mouths off and questions if she really has a job. Valdes reminds Tasha she’s she’s gainfully employed, unlike herself who’s been unemployed and depending on Ghost for years.

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9. “Yo, I can’t talk right now, I gotta take Ghost’s kid to basketball city. N***a got me here like a f**king nanny.” Dre
Ghost still doesn’t know Kanan is alive and is using Dre as his mole. While picking Tariq up from school, Dre receives a call from Kanan and foolishly tells him his whereabouts.
10. “Trust me, Angie stay cool. If you don’t you and Ghost are going to need his and her jumpsuits.” Tommy
Angela feels the pressure is on and isn’t willing to go down without a fight. After stopping by Tasha’s house, she visits Tommy’s mother’s house out on Long Island where Tommy mysteriously shows up. Tommy goes with the story his mother gave Angela and tells Valdes it’s best she remain calm under pressure, or she and Ghost will both be doing time upstate.
11.”What time you get out of school?” Kanan
Kanan is committed to wreaking havoc in Ghost’s life by way of hurting his son. While meeting Dre and Tariq at basketball city, he stops by, introduces himself as Slim and then begins to befriend Tariq, and asks if it’s cool they hang out sometime.
12.”I can’t prove it, but I know you killed my son.” Jae Shin
Milan sets up a meeting with all the head drug runners at Truth, which makes Ghost ill at ease. While Tommy introduces them to their newest product, Jae Shin speaks up in opposition to the pills Milan wants them to sell. Wanting to set a very clear tone, Milan with a nod of his head, orders one of his men to kill Jae Shin in the middle of the club. Ruiz, Father Callahan and Ghost all realize that Milan is far more vicious than any distributor they’ve ever encountered.
13. “Tell your husband to forget his plan to get rid of me or he will force my hand,” Milan
Milan stops by Keisha’s shop to warn Tasha that if Ghost doesn’t stop in his attempt to kill Milan or have him put him behind bars, there could be very severe consequences for her and their children.
14.”Cut the bulls*t, T. All this crap about wholesaling hair and sh*t, you turning my shop into a drug front.” Keisha
While Milan makes it clear to Tasha he’s isn’t above killing her or their kids, Keisha overhears their conversation and realizes that Tasha original business venture wasn’t about business at all, but Tasha’s way of cleaning Tommy and Ghost’s dirty drug money.
15.”But if you wear a wire, get St. Patrick to talk, he and the shooter will get prosecuted, not you.” MJ
MJ couldn’t get Ghost to give any real details about his involvement in the Lobos escape and murder, so she turned her attention back to Valdes. She reminds her if she’s prosecuted it could mean the death penalty and suggests she wear a wire to save her own behind, since Ghost is doing the same.
16. “Are you hungry?” Milan
Milan sets up a meeting with Tommy sans Ghost and assures him, if he plays his cards right he can not only prove to be useful to his organization, but maybe one day be the lead distributor. Milan calmly makes this suggestion while eating a hearty stew and asks Tommy if he’s hungry. Unsure if Milan is eating beef or one of his victim’s organs, Tommy politely passes on the offer.
17.”You can trust me, lil man.” Kanan
Kana picks Tariq up from school and takes him to the home of the elderly woman he killed. Tariq’s been drinking Kanan’s lean and is a bit tipsy at this point. While he’s watching television, Kanan goes into a drawer and points a gun at Tariq’s head. Right before he pulls the trigger, Tariq confides in Kanan how much he hates his father and hates that he can’t trust him and in that split second Kanan devises a new plan that temporarily spares Tariq’s life.

18. “I’m just so cold.” Angela
Angela head’s to Knox apartment in an attempt to get him off her back. She shows him the security footage of Ghost entering Karen Bassett’s hotel hand-in-hand with Tasha. Valdes tells Knox Ghost went the hotel to reconcile things with his estranged wife and hopes the security footage is enough to get Knox back on her side.