Premiere: Eric Bellinger’s New Album ‘Eric B For President: Term 1′


Cali singer and songwriter Eric Bellinger is putting his heart and soul on the line to reinforce the O.G. sound of hip-hop with his new album Eric B. For President: Term 1. The man who co-penned songs like Chris Brown’s “Fine China” and Usher’s “Lemme See” is embracing Eric B. & Rakim’s grand legacy by reviving the legendary duo’s Paid In Full classic Eric B For President as a way to thank them and provide “physical proof that they made a difference.”

“I wanted to create an experience that would please the ears, eyes, and hearts of people, while showcasing my personal beliefs on who I think will serve our people best,” Bellinger told VIBE via email. “In my opinion, to possess the level of outreach I have and not shed light on this matter would be irresponsible. I just want to do my part – my way.”

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The project comes with eight brand new records that lean more towards the rap lane with songs like “Snappin’ & Trappin'” and “My Check.” The Grammy award winner also recruits other rising acts like Phil Ade, ARoc, RJ and 11 to contribute. Notice how it says “term 1.” Based on the numerous amount of times my face scrunched up with approval while listening to the project, I would vote for a second term hands down.

Listen to the world premiere of Eric B. For President: Term 1 below and see if Eric Bellinger will earn your vote.