TDE’s Punch Addresses The “40 Year” War In Watts


It’s not every day that label execs and presidents come from the shadows and make records (okay, I’m lying). But now, in the spirit of the tragedies happening in the United States and the ongoing violence in Watts, Calif., Top Dawg Entertainment President, Punch, has released a powerful and touching record on his Soundcloud called “40 Years”.

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Earlier this morning, he made the announcement on Twitter declaring that he was in the mood to surprised us all by uploading a new record in the wee hours of the morning.

From there, he released the poignant track, “40 Years,” which was produced by Tae Beast as he dedicates it to the families of those who have died to the violence of the infamous ongoing gang wars in Watts.

These strings of violence have notoriously lasted for over 40 years and counting. He writes, “This song is dedicated to the 40 something year civil war that has ripped Watts ac, apart. A war between families divided by the train tracks. My heart goes out to all of us who have lost someone due to this war.”

Punch’s lyrics are surprisingly powerful in a way that will touch your soul line after line. Listen to him give listens a clear look into the people of Watts with visceral lines like, “Toast to everybody trying not to sin in this ungodly society/Post-traumatic anxiety, the reason why we be ducking sobriety/Gotta get high to deal with this rivalry/This 40 year civil war we’ve been fighting so pridefully/The irony? It’s the American way.”