Ray Lewis Says Terence Crutcher Shooting Wasn’t Race Driven


Ray Lewis isn’t afraid to voice his opinion, especially if it’s an unpopular one and the former Baltimore Raven did just that while speaking with Skip Bayless on “Undisputed.” According to the NFL champ, the latest police shooting of 40-year-old Terence Crutcher isn’t race driven but hate driven.

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“We’re taking lives not because of black and white but, we’re taking lives because its good verses evil…”If you watch these crimes, these crimes aren’t race driven, they’re hate driven,” Lewis said. “To have so much power in your hands and to take someone’s life by choice, the moment you do it, you do it by choice.”

Friday evening (Sept. 16) disturbing video footage was released of police shooting and killing Terence Crutcher on the side of the road in Tulsa, Oklahoma despite his hands being in the air at the time of the encounter. Since the video’s release, the Justice Department has begun an investigation of the shooting and many celebrities have spoken out due to the constant killing of black and brown men and women.

Yet, despite Crutcher complying with police, Lewis said when he learned of Crutcher’s death, he texted his son and asked that if he ever get pulled over simply say “Yes sir.”

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