‘SNL’ Commits To Diversity And Hires Latino Comedian Julio Torres


As Saturday Night Live preps for its 42nd season, they have made a couple changes of note ahead of the Oct. 1 premiere. Last week, SNL added Salvadoran comedian Julio Torres to the writing staff after making appearances as a guest writer in previous episodes, which picked up an Emmy nomination for his work.

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A few days prior to the announcement, SNL honored its commitment to diversifying the cast by hiring its first ever Latina, the talented Melissa Villaseñor, who has directed multiple videos for Más Mejor since joining them in January of this year. Más Mejor was launched by the same company that produces SNL.

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It’s a pleasant sight to see more Latinos getting their shine in the comedy lane. Check out an example of one of Torres’ skits below, from Más Mejor’s web series Diego & Valentina, where the gay comedian plays a party animal that takes a job to help a privileged Venezuelan princess. Ha!