Snow Tha Product Sends Wake Up Call To Latino Community On New Track


Snow Tha Product’s music has involved a political agenda since 2011, but with just over two months until the election, the Chicana MC has something she needs to get off her chest concerning her beloved Latino community of America.

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The usual English-language rapper drops “Despierta,” a two minute political call-to-action in Spanish, sending a rude awakening to Latinos across the country in a video posted to Facebook that now has over 2.6 million views.

The lyrics calls out Latino racism and ignorance that has divided the community, rather than uniting as a pan-Latino movement for the greater good.

Born Claudia Alexander, Snow goes after Donald Trump on the track saying, “that Donald Duck really frustrates me,” later adding that “Trump is going end this f*cking world.” Rightfully so, you understand where she’s coming from after Trump’s repeated insults to people of color, namely Mexicans.

The California native doesn’t let democrats off the hook easy either: “Latinos put Obama in this same seat,” exposing his record-setting deportation rates seen on his watch as POTUS. “In the end we’re the only people holding ourselves back.”

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Check out the strong messaged music video: