Officer Who Assaulted Spring Valley High School Student Won’t Face Criminal Charges


Following the previous release of a video of a South Carolina school resource officer using force to remove a Spring Valley High School student from her classroom, no criminal charges will be handed down to the officer in question, Ben Fields, The New York Daily News reports.

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According to Richland County Solicitor, Dan Johnson, the court “found no probable cause” to place charges on Fields. The officer, who was fired after the occurrence, said, “I realized that I was going to have to physically remove the student from her seat to effectuate her arrest.”

Fields placed the student in a headlock after she declined to give up her phone while class was in session. He then forcefully flipped her over her desk and dragged the teen to subdue her.

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Although Fields was fired following the incident, the student who was apprehended and the teenager who filmed the assault were both charged with disturbing the peace.