Indian Cinema Meets Latino Market: Bollywood In Spanish


An Indian media firm is breaking new ground bringing their Bollywood cinema to the Spanish-language channel, Zee Mundo in the United States, according to BBC. The plan is to make the channel available in Latin America, but only after a successful debut in the U.S.

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Zee Entertainment Enterprises, which reaches over one billion viewers globally, said its entire catalogue of Bollywood films, recorded with Hindi dialogue, will be translated into Spanish. Bollywood movies, which are known for their action scenes and vibrant colors mixed in with singing and dancing, have already enjoyed success in non Hindi-speaking nations such as China and Nigeria, giving them hope the transition into Hispanic heritage will be a smooth one.

The company believes the Spanish-language market contains similar cultural roots to that of India, making the Bollywood content appealing to audiences already used to Spanish soap operas.

The channel will be offered in high definition quality and come with an on-demand streaming service.”We are confident that Zee Mundo’s programming will cross frontiers with storylines and themes that are relatable to the Hispanic audiences,” said Amit Goenka, who heads the company’s international affairs.

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Zee Entertainment Enterprises is one of the largest media based companies in India.