5 Solid Reasons To Add ‘Strong By Zumba’ To Your Workout Plan


It’s officially the first day of Fall and those Summer #BodyGoals, if you’re not careful, may turn into Winter #BodyGoals. The appeal of working out outdoors is dwindling and hitting the gym will become more frequent and susceptible to variety. To add more of a switch up to your fitness routine, global dance fitness leader, Zumba, is turning its popular class up a notch with a new high-intensity program called Strong by Zumba.

In partnership with super-producer Timbaland and his team, Zumba’s new program focuses on Synced Music Motivation, a researched science where music is paired with the actual movements of the workout or choreography. “I was excited about the idea that a fitness brand approached exercise in a way that no one has done before,” says the Grammy award winning artist. “They are using music in a way to maximize your workout, and I want to [continue to] create music that inspires and pushes people past their limits. This has never been done before and STRONG by Zumba is going to change the perception of HIIT-inspired workouts.”

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VIBE Vixen had a chance to try out the new music-led interval training program earlier this week (September 20) over at New York City’s Milk Studios, with master instructor Ai Lee Syarief leading the way and Timbaland’s own DJ Freestyle Steve keeping the tunes coming on the ones & twos. After catching our breath and regrouping with a post workout protein shake, we gathered our selves and our thoughts and came up with four solid reasons why you should give Strong by Zumba a shot.

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