Sound The ‘False Alarm’: The Weeknd Is Back With His Second ‘STARBOy’ Single


After killing himself and having a rebirth in the peculiar “Starboy” visuals, The Weeknd is back with the second single off his upcoming album titled, “False Alarm”. The track has a sound that we’re not accustomed to from the Canadian artist. This ones involves a more intricate and more uptempo tone.

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The XO leader will be kicking off Saturday Night Live’s 42nd season this weekend (Oct 1) — where he is expected to perform “Starboy” and “False Alarm.”

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If this production is any indication of what to expect on the Beauty Behind The Beat follow up, we may be in for a more dance inspired project, drawing inspiration from the late Michael Jackson with the legendary 80’s pop music.

STARBOY the album is slated to drop later this year on November 25th.

Give the aberrant tune a listen here.