Troy Ave Hits The “Dealership” Despite His Looming Trial


Amid his recent legal woes with the tragic Irving Plaza shooting this past May that took the life of his frined, BSB Banga, Troy Ave is proving that he won’t stop and can’t stop with his new video for “Dealership”. He’s looking like a million bucks as he picks up where he immediately left off.

A driven Troy, looking like Tony Montana after survived his first assassination attempt in Scarface, opens the video with him rapping in a makeshift, recording booth with a beautiful woman –and stacks of cash. As the video progresses, he goes out to a local dealership and cops a Mercedes Benz GT 550 and ride through the hood of New York, collecting cash.

The visual goes back and forth between that and the BK brawler having fun with two women in his bedroom. All while having the comic relief, a clown a** dude doing everything from trying to buy a foreign with EBT to disrespecting Troy Ave until he sees him face to face.

Troy Ave, real name Roland Collins, tells VIBE via email about what particular moment inspired the concept of the mini-movie-esque visual.“ A few years back before I started rappin’ I purchased my 1st Mercedes Benz and that moment inspired the song,” said Troy Ave.

The menacing track goes perfectly with the serious, yet gaudy tone of the video. It’s a shining standout on his newly released street album, Roland Collins, which you can now stream on Soundcloud, Spotify, and all streaming services.