Two More Seasons Of ‘Narcos’ Ordered: “It’s Bigger Than Pablo Escobar”


It’s no secret: Pablo Escobar dies in Season 2 of Narcos. But the producers have made it clear that the Netflix hit series is really about something much bigger in the story that is the war on drugs. Just days after the show’s second season premiere, two more stints have been ordered.

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“This will be the end of Pablo Escobar. He will die this season,” said executive producer, Eric Newman, to USA Today. “The show was never about Pablo Escobar. It was always about the drug war, and the drug war continues on. In fact, it continues on into the present.”

The binge-worthy crime drama will begin to focus on the downfall of the Medellin Cartel and the rise of another empire—the Cali Cartel. A pair of the Cali “godfathers” are introduced in the current season.

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“They were much more buttoned down, much more financially and legally savvy,” added Newman. “I would say Escobar was a single-cell organism and the Cali Cartel was a much more sophisticated animal.”