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Voter’s Perspective: 7 Standout Quotes From The First 2016 Presidential Debate

September 26th kicked off the first of three presidential debates for the upcoming November 2016 election at Hofstra University.  While it was almost certainly assumed that Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic nominee in this election, no one could have predicted that reality television star Donald Trump would be this nation’s Republican nominee for President of the United States.

The debate premiered to high anticipation, as many wondered if Clinton, a seasoned politician with over 30 years of public service under her belt, would be ready to battle Trump, a Washington outsider known for his short temperament and tendency to be politically incorrect. The debate, however, lived up to its hype as it became the most tweeted debate in social media history, exceeding 10.3 million messages sent out into the Twitter-verse back in 2012.

Despite the meme-worth moments during Clinton and Trumps head-to-head, viewers’ could not avoid serious topics like equal pay in the workforce, gun control and the Black Lives Matter movement. While hearing both candidate’s responses, these seven quotes stood out the most.

Flip through the gallery above to read them and see why.

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