A Major Bronx Show Hosts Over 100 Latin American Artists

The 5th Bronx Latin American Artist Biennial show titled, “I am one of those people that…” launched in the Bronx Art Space this September and will travel through December to other participating spots. Over a 100 local and international artist will present their work designed to create conversation around social issues such as migration and women’s rights.

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The curators of the show, Alexis Mendoza and Luis Stephenberg, are mostly interested in showing the paintings with the creative thoughts and emotions behind the creation of the process. The purpose of the show is to show a self-representation of the artist’s way of thinking.

Mendoza stated in his 2012 interview with the Daily News that “Latin American culture has more to offer than music and food,” clearly stating what the biennial meant to him; to be able to show the beautiful art and culture in represented throughout all of Latin America.

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The exhibit will have art from the likes of Nicaraguan-American artist Frank de las Mercedes, who is based in Washington Heights. Several other artists from origins of Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and much more will be presenting their work as well.

For more information, visit the festival’s website.