Drugs And Alcohol The Cause For José Fernández’s Death?

In the early hours of Sept. 25, Marlins baseball star José Fernández, and two of his friends, were involved in a boat accident that ultimately took their lives. The case remains under investigation, as the toxicology reports for Fernández were released over the weekend.

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According to Perez Hilton, the Cuban-born athlete was found legally drunk with a blood alcohol level of .147, which is almost twice the legal limit of .08. While both his friends were found with alcohol in their system, neither was drunk passed the legal limit. The medical examiner noted that Fernández also had traces of cocaine in his system.

Investigators were able to find a receipt for the purchase of alcohol in one of the deceased’s pockets, but they’re not sharing the identity of whom since the case is still under investigation. Similarly, the autopsy reports haven’t been released either for the same reason, according to The Washington Post.

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Following his death, the Marlins ace and his family received a tremendous amount of love and support. The National League Player of the Year award was given to Fernández following his passing. Earlier this month Maritza Gomez Fernández, mother of José Fernández, issued a letter for her son’s fans reading, “I’ve been sustained by your love for my son. As his mother, thank you for that blessing. On behalf of my family, especially my mother, thank you for your prayers for him, Maria, and my granddaughter in her womb. I want to thank the community for supporting us in this, the most difficult moment of our lives. The love we’ve received helps us cope with this harsh reality.”