It Looks Like Alicia Keys Is DM’ing Her Fans The Tracklist For Her Album

Alicia Keys is keeping things interesting for the the release of her upcoming album, HERE. Over the weekend, a few lucky fans were surprised to see a Direct Message and a new follow from the Grammy-winning superstar on Twitter, and in the DM was the full tracklist for the album, which is slated for a Nov. 4 release.

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Fans were shocked but mostly excited to see the full track listing, which only has one feature- A$AP Rocky on “Blended Family.” Take a look at the full track list and some of the best reactions below.

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1. The Beginning (Interlude)
2. The Gospel
3. Pawn It All
4. Elaine Brown (Interlude)
5. Kill Your Mama
6. She Don’t Really Care_1 Luv
7. Elevate (Interlude)
8. Illusion Of Bliss
9. Blended Family (What You Do For Love) ft. A$AP Rocky
10. Work On It
11. Cocoa Butter (Cross & Pic Interlude)
12. Girl Can’t Be Herself
13. You Glow (Interlude)
14. More Than We Know
15. Where Do We Begin Now
16. Holy War