‘Jane the Virgin’s Hip Mom An Empowering Character For All

Who wouldn’t want a mom as a best friend? This is Andrea Navedo’s role in Jane the Virgin as she takes her character Xiomara Villanueva to new heights.

Fans rejoiced to see the Latina trio of Xiomara, Alba and Jane return to screens in Season 3 of Jane the Virgin this week. Navedo spoke on her admiration for Gina Rodriguez and Ivonne Coll, as well as her pride in leading the character she plays in the very successful show during an interview with The Huffington Post.

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Navedo delved into her previous roles in telenovelas that served as “boot camp” for TV acting. Unlike the luxury to shoot scenes over in Jane the Virgin, she had to learn tricks like cursing during her soap opera scene in order to get a redo when she wasn’t content with her performance.

When asked about playing her pivotal role in an all-woman family dynamic Navedo said, “It’s been really empowering for me as a Latina and as a woman to be on a show that is led by a woman, who also happens to be a mother.” The powerhouse cast is primarily focused on the relationship between Jane, Xiomara, and Abuela Alba, which many viewers have grown to love and appreciate as their bond is demonstrated throughout the first two seasons.

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Jane and Xiomara’s relationship is one of best friends, and Xiomara finds that to be different than other mother figures in shows as well as her own parenting style. She admires her character’s bond and vulnerability, and predicts to find a relationship similar to that with her own daughter, but only when she’s old enough to go away to college.

As for Xo, Season 3 will definitely bring some twist and turns. Xoimara’s ex-lover returns to the picture, and this sets the tone for her character’s journey in the new episodes.