Texas Ad Tells Immigrants To Solicit Sugar Daddies “Before You Get Deported”

ArrangementFinders.com, an exclusive dating site, posted a massive billboard in Austin, Texas urging undocumented immigrants to solicit sugar daddies “before you get deported.”

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The niche online hub for “mutually beneficial arrangements” issued its new ad campaign featuring a Latina woman in front of a Mexican flag. “Undocumented immigrant?” the billboard asks. “Before you get deported, get a sugar daddy.”

ArrangementFinders.com rented the billboard space “in response to Donald Trump’s promise to deport all 11 million of the nation’s undocumented immigrants,” according to The Daily Beast.

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Not only does the advertisement grossly mock the very real challenges facing undocumented immigrants in America today, but they especially downplay the lives of immigrants involved with sex work.

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