NYC Rapper Audubon Explains Feeling ‘Exiled’ On New Mixtape

Jonathan “Audubon” Perez, former star of MTV’s Washington Heights, recently made the big move to Miami and, with an upcoming mixtape, reflects on his new life an as “exiled” New Yorker.

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After releasing Le Trap Affair last year, boasting production from “Cuffing Season” beat maker Sonaro, Audubon found himself craving new vibes and fresh inspiration before taking his Big Apple mentality to the Sunshine State. The culmination of these events resulted in Exiled, a new EP echoing his innermost feeling of displacement.

“I don’t want to say it’s dark,” Audubon told us about the project. “But it’s kind of who I am. It’s not that I always see the negative side of things, but I love listening to sad music just for the sonics of it. I love the vibe of pain because it makes a deeper feeling when I make music. I just go off that kind of stuff, and see where it takes me.”

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On Sept. 27, Audubon linked up with The Neala Group and Felicia Monet of 99 JAMZ in Miami to preview his new project before an intimate group of fans and tastemakers at Cool & Dre’s Rec Room Studios in North Miami. With Stoli as the choice spirit of the night, several top influencers of the music industry including, 99 JAMZ’ Supa Cindy, DJ Stevie J, A Fly Guy, Program Director of West Palm Beach’s 96.3 Wreck 1, and DJ Ivory of 103.5 The Beat, among others were present.

Check out the official recap of his listening event, courtesy of Cinestream Pictures: