Make Azealia Great Again: Rapper Pens Apology To Zayn & Kills “So Ghetto” Freestyle

Azealia Banks is trying to make herself great again.

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In her latest notion to turn over a new leaf, Banks has reached out to former One Directioner, Zayn Malik, to apologize for a previous, misguided rant that occurred back in May. She called out the then newly-solo Zayn for ripping off the creative direction of her “Chasing Time” visuals with his “Like I Would” video. While there were some similarities, Zayn didn’t pay AZ any mind but tweeted–what seemed to be–subliminal jabs at the rapper. And here lies the birth of Banks’ racial and derogatory rant.

Since then, Azealia has breached the headlines most recently with her incident involving Russell Crowe and Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA. Banks accuses Russell Crowe of calling her a n****a as well as choking and spitting at her as he threw her out of the hotel dinner party. But, other guests, including RZA, claims that her behavior leading up to her being dismissed from the shindig was unacceptable and that she even threatened two of Crowe’s guests with drinking glasses.

Considering the “212” rapper told Us Magazine that she wants the fans and haters, alike, to “shift their focus toward her professional pursuits rather than her controversies,” perhaps this open letter in addition to a newly-released freestyle could be an attempt to recover her reputation in the media. Banks released a freestyle over Jay Z and DJ Premier’s “So Ghetto” track where she strays from mentioning anything from her recent debacle. Instead, she focuses on her talent questioning “what other b***h in the booth can kick it better than [she]” and claiming the roles of the 8th, 9th and 10th wonders of the world.

So ghetto pt 1

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So ghetto pt 2

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It wouldn’t be too far off of an estimate to say that these past few days have been a wake up call for Banks. Hopefully Banks can ride out this “Make Azealia Great Again” campaign until the wheels fall off. 

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