Police Unable To Dig Up Security Footage Of Azealia Banks, Russell Crowe Incident


It’s not looking too good for Azealia Banks in the saga involving her and Russell Crowe. According to TMZ, police have been unable to find the security footage in question on the cameras in the Beverly Hills hotel suite where the incident allegedly occurred.

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“Law enforcement sources tell us they’ve combed through security footage from the hotel, where Azealia claims Russell choked her, called her the n-word and spit on her in the hallway,” writes the site. “She told us the video would show him spitting and maybe more. There are lots of cameras at the hotel capturing what happens in public areas, but not where the confrontation went down.”

The Harlem MC was a guest of RZA’s to the party Crowe was throwing. According to reports, Banks made fun of Crowe’s music selection and called him and another partygoer “boring white men.” When another guest defended the actor, Banks allegedly said that she would cut the other guest’s throat with glass on some “real Tarantino sh**.”

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While many accounts of the night contradict what Banks has reported, RZA did confirm that Crowe spat at her on TMZ Live. However, many partygoers are saying that it was indeed Banks who instigated the whole debacle. Banks did not press charges, but filed a battery report against Crowe.