The “Bad Hombres” Have Zero Chill On Twitter

The 2016 presidential debates always leave a residue of humor and funny memes, especially in the case of Republican nominee Donald Trump. For the most part, these are all entertaining moments (that is, until we realize this is actually the state of our country at the moment). Last night’s closing presidential debate, Trump struck a chord once again—this time, with his “we have some bad hombres here, and we’ve got to get them out” line.

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Social media spent no time issuing the proverbial clap back. During the debate, a Twitter account was created with the Twitter handle @TheBadHombres. The Bad Hombres account is filled with complete satire from beginning to end, making a total mockery of the irrational and ignorant stereotypes directed at Latino communities.

Here are some of the best tweets yet:


This is how you handle bigotry sent in your direction!


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