Can The Leader Of The Free World Get Through A 9-To-5 Job?

President Barack Obama is currently ending his second term in office and will be out of a job in January. Should he be sharpening his interview skills?

The leader of the free world visited The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, enduring a special job preparation with “Randy,” a fictitious office manger. After practicing handing over his resume, he began answering comedic questions that recapped his achievements and accolades these past years. Opening relations with Cuba after 50 years was translated to conversational Spanish, and his 77 million followers on social media were credited to an executive order and pictures of cats.

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When asked how does he plan to get Millennials’ attention, he tells Colbert that he would “tell them straight up that this is the most important election of their lifetimes. That they have the opportunity to make history, and that the results in November can change their lives forever and they have to get out and vote.”

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Although he couldn’t endorse a candidate on a network television show, he went for a nutrient fiber bar representative of Hillary Clinton, over a shriveled tangerine filled with vile representing Donald Trump.