He Tried It: Beanie Sigel Checked Charlamagne Multiple Times On The Breakfast Club

Beanie Sigel is on rap radars all across the world again. After he got involved in Meek Mill and The Game’s online spat, the Philly legend released several new tracks and made his rounds on the rap interview circuit.

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During his most recent chat with The Breakfast Club, Sigel was not for any of Charlamagne’s games. He made that clear to the host numerous times during the interview when he tried to lure Beanie into some shady rhetoric.

However, listeners should know that Beans’ relationship with Charlamagne goes all the way back to Philly radio. So, don’t expect these two to be fighting for real.

Take in the Broad Street Bully’s new music video, and then watch his viral interview with Power 105’s favorite bunch below.

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