Becky G Morphs Into A Power Ranger In New Teaser Trailer

Inglewood’s own Becky G stars as the yellow ranger in the new Power Rangers trailer. Known prominently for her rise on the Billboard charts as a singer-songwriter, Rebecca Gomez is seen in a different light as she forms part of a the well-respected Power Rangers team in Saban’s new movie set to release March 2017.

The new teaser trailer shortly introduces each character and their struggles before placing them in the middle of a life-changing scenario. The actor is seen confronting Rita Repulsa, played by Elizabeth Banks, near the end of the trailer.

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As many ’90s babies would agree, the role of the power ranger is a role that is close to the heart. For Becky G it was no different. In a Billboard interview, she describes the role as a dream come true saying, “That was my childhood. And the fact that I get to play the Yellow Ranger, c’mon. That’s my favorite color!”