BiBi Bourelly’s Still “Ballin” Despite Lacking Commas In Her Bank Account

The say wealth is a state of mind, and Bibi Bourelly’s new single reminds us of just that. With lyrics like “And I aint never been this rich ever I don’t even make all that much dough” and “heart them ramen noodles/ freak it with the hot sauce/I do McDonalds too though.”

She shows her appreciation for what she has and teaches us how to make do with what we have. The message that “this kinda lifestyle teach you patience” is all throughout this song as BiBi reminds us that no matter what the situation is she is still “Ballin” by her own means.

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Bibi is a buzzing singer/song writer, and is known for working on “Higher” for Rihanna’s album Anti. Rihanna also heard Bibi’s original version of “Bitch Better Have My Money” in which RihRih was so moved by the song she made it the lead single for the Anti album. She is currently looking to release her first project this year.

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