An Emotional End For Big Papi: David Ortiz Sheds Tears During His Final Boston Red Sox Game


October baseball is always filled with theatrics and emotions, especially when it comes to the Boston Red Sox.

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This feeling was amplified when long time Red Sox, David Ortiz played what ended up being his final game in the professional baseball after a 4 to 3 loss to the Cleveland Indians. USA Today reports Ortiz announced his retirement on his 40th birthday last November.

Big Papi gained appreciation as well as hate during his illustrious career. Not only did he bring his power swing to the game of baseball but he also brought his Dominican culture to the city of Boston. The colt like Boston fanatics summoned Ortiz with a thunderous chant after being announced at the beginning of this game and mimicked this ovation when Ortiz walked around the bases after the game was over. Like expected, many fans and lovers of the sports, opposing players, and even politicians showed their appreciation through social media after ‘Papi’ began to cry.

Ortiz confessed the tears were of love and appreciation for his fans and a sport he’s loved all of his life.

It was an impressive run for sure. Without a doubt, the game will definitely miss Big Papi.

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