Two Black Dummies Hanging From A Tree In Miami Sparks Outrage

A homeowner in West-Kendall, Fl., has merited the ire of the Internet with their offensive Halloween decorations. On the person’s front lawn are two black looking dummies hanging from trees, which many believe depict a lynching.

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Three Lakes Property Owners Association authenticated the photo with the Miami New Times, and the property manager, Orelys Canas, contacted the homeowner asking them to remove the decorations from their front lawn. They’ve received several complaints from other neighbors all day, but have yet to hear back from the homeowner.

While the above photo appears to have the dummies hanging from a tree with a sign that reads “Trump/Pence 2016″ additional reports concluded the sign along was in a separate yard. However, who created the lynching scene on their front yard alleges it wasn’t meant to be racist, but in the spirit of fright for Halloween.

CREDIT: Miami New Times

An anonymous caller who notified the publication said they were more than taken back by the display.

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“I’m, like, beyond shocked,” the other tipster said. “I’ve never experienced this kind of shock in my life. We are in 2016, in Miami-Dade County. What the hell?” She added: “Imagine a parent trying to explain a display of that sort. Of all places, Miami-Dade County?”