Blu & Union Analogtronics Connect With Dam-Funk For “Don’t Trip”


Home grown Los Angeles talent Blu has hitting the Web strong recently with his multiple releases within the past few years. This week, Blu strikes again with a new single featuring the legendary Dam Funk.

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The two are accompanied by production duo Union Anologtronics. The track, “Don’t Trip,” provides some groovy West Coast vibes. With a Fat Beats partnership, Blu and the Parisian production duo are set to release the collaborative project Cheetah in The City.

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The album is composed of Blu’s smooth rapping about inner city life in Los Angeles an Union Anologtronics heavy synth production, which pays homage to the Californian patent G-Funk sound. This album plays out as a narrative as a story is being told of Blu the “Cheatah” on a journey though his city.

You can pre-order the project before its Nov 4 release date here.