Carmelo Anthony Weighs In On Watching The Cavaliers Receive Championship Rings


Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks kicked off their 2016 campaign last night in Cleveland (Oct. 25), to take on the Cavaliers on their championship ring night. If the 32-year-old was unhappy he had to sit through the Cavaliers’ banner raising ceremony, he must’ve been really upset after the game. The Knicks didn’t show up in the second half (only down 48-45 at halftime), leading the defending champs to dismantle them, 117-88.

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As Melo enters his fourteenth season, his window of winning a championship is closing fast. In an interview with Esquire released on Tuesday, Anthony was asked a multitude of questions about the much-anticipated Knicks season, including how he would feel watching the Cavaliers receive their championship rings prior to the matchup.

“Well my approach will be the same. Just knowing what’s at stake there–knowing that they’re getting their rings,” he said. “I wish the NBA would let them get their rings the day before, you know what I’m saying? Like I don’t know who came up with that rule that you get your rings at the first game.”

When asked if he would be satisfied with his NBA career without winning a ring, the longtime friend of LeBron James reiterated that his career should not be defined by rings.

“I wouldn’t be satisfied, but what can I do at that point? I’m not going to be depressed that I didn’t win if I didn’t at that time. I’m not going to be depressed or down inside. But yeah, I wouldn’t be satisfied because that’s what we play for. We play to be at the highest level. So there’s no way I would be satisfied.”

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Anthony finished the blowout loss with 19 points and five rebounds. The Knicks look to get back on track in their home opener against the Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday night (Oct. 29). Check out the highlights from last night’s Knicks-Cavaliers game below.