The New Era x Chance the Rapper Signature “3” Hat Sells Out In a Day


Unfortunately, the Chance the Rapper signature “3” hat he rocks for performances, interviews and most recognizable accessory on his Coloring Book album art has sold out in just a day.

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The rapper posted the good news about his New Era collaboration via Twitter on Monday (Oct.9), but as we can see, it didn’t take long for fans to sweep through his site the cop the blue and black fitted hats. Regardless, you may still be able to get your hands on more merch from the “Coloring Book” collection and a “dad hat” version of the Chance 3 signature hat.

CREDIT: Chance The Rapper

His tan and red colorways haven’t found their way to the site just yet. During the VMA’s, the rapper spread #blackboyjoy with the hat and tan overalls to match and was seen sporting the red cap in his Kit Kat jingle teaser.

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