Chance The Rapper Tackled A Fan Who Rushed The Stage In Miami

Chance the Rapper swiftly tackled a super fan to the ground after he crazily rushed the stage during his Miami show Monday (Oct. 10). That will make him think twice before interrupting Chance’s set.

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In a fan video, Chano is seen performing his single, “Finish Line,” when a fan sprints up from behind and locks the Chicago rapper in a big embrace. With his quick reflexes kicking in, Chance maneuvers out of the hold and wrestles the dude to the ground before the security team could even get there.

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Chance didn’t comment on the incident, but seemed to a have a load of fun despite the mini attack. The Kit Kat spokesman has one more night in Miami before he heads over to New Orleans on Oct. 13, for another slot on his “Magnificent Coloring World Tour.” We know fans are excited, but hopefully there won’t be any more stage rushing incidents.