Ciara Is Revlon’s New Global Brand Ambassador


Between getting engaged, married and scoring a modeling contract with IMG, Ciara is having the best year ever.

Most recently, the singer and model landed another big gig as the new spokeswoman for Revlon. Ciara shared that she’s had a personal connection with the legacy cosmetics, skin care, fragrance, and personal care company brand since before her birth. “My mom had been trying to figure out my name for a long time before I was born… it was two names — it was Bianca or something else — nothing had anything to do with Ciara,” she said. “Then my dad bought her the fragrance — the Ciara fragrance by Revlon — from the commissary at the military base. They were in Texas, he bought her the fragrance, and not only did he love this fragrance, but the name also really resonated with her and she ditched all the other names and Ciara became my name.”

Revlon also gushed over their new ambassador, saying the singer and social influencer aligns very well with the brand’s “Choose Love” message. “Ciara represents the confident woman who knows the importance of loving herself first in order to actively seek and choose the love that she knows she deserves,” Revlon’s Chief Marketing Officer, Benjamin Karsch, told WWD. “I think my mom was putting it into the universe,” Ciara added. “‘Your name will be Ciara and one day you will have a Revlon campaign.’”

Well congrats are certainly in order for Ciara!