Black Man Escorted From Trump Rally Was Actually An Over-Zealous Supporter


Donald Trump still has a fan in a North Carolina resident who was escorted from a rally last week after he was falsely labeled a “thug” and protestor.

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The Washington Post reports C.J. Cary was removed from the Republican presidential nominee’s rally in North Carolina last Wedsnday (Oct.26). Cary, a Marine veteran, says he was trying to hand-deliver a note to Trump about tips to target African-Americans, Latinos and female voters. While waving to Trump from the crowd, he was deemed a protestor and removed by two security guards. “By the way, were you paid $1,500 to be a thug?” Trump said to Cary as the crowd cheered. “Where’s the protester? Where is he? Was he paid?”

As it turns out, Cary is not only a supporter of Trump but one devoted fan. Before penning his eight-page note to the businessman, he wrote him in 1992 to share his grievances over Trump’s divorce with Ivanka Trump. When Trump wrote back, Cary knew Trump would always be a favorite. “I support Trump because he’s honest,” Cary told the Rocky Mount Telegram. “You can work with an honest person and convince them their vision isn’t in the best interest of everyone. You can’t work with dishonest people. That’s why I don’t like Obama — the worst president in American history.”

Cary believes his decision to wear sunglasses to the evening rally (he’s sensitive to light) might have convinced Trump he was a protestor. “I was a little sad [that I was escorted out] but was more happy than sad because my purpose for being there was to give that document to Donald,” Cary said. “My mission was to make sure I got it in the right hands because someone could have just easily tossed it or dropped it.”

Even after the ordeal, Cary says he will still vote for Trump. People in his neighborhood don’t accept his support for Trump. In June, Cary made local headlines after his front lawn was vandalized three times over his Trump-Pence signs. After paying over $900 for 40 signs, he now has over 100 proudly sitting in his yard.

Cary says he’s relieved Trump received his note and hopes he will correspond with him. He believes a few ideas he’s sent in the past have inspired his contentious campaign.

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