Clinton Supporter Finagles Photo Op With Eric Trump Wearing A “Latina Against Trump” Shirt


Annie Cardelle, 23, rocked a “Latina Against Trump” shirt at a rally for the presidential nominee and no one noticed—so much so that the Hillary Clinton supporter posed for pictures with Trump’s son Eric and daughter-in-law Lara.

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Annie and her sister Ceci Cardelle, 17,  told The Huffington Post that they were shocked that their protest went undetected at the event on Friday (Oct. 21). “Neither of us thought that we’d get a photo with [Eric],” Annie said. “I actually wore a sweater over it because I thought that [otherwise] we wouldn’t get in.”

The cover up wasn’t needed after all given three event staffers failed to decipher the message on Annie’s shirt before granting both ladies permission to pose with the couple in the photo that has since gone viral. According to the Cardelles, the obliviousness to their flawless effort further reveals just how disconnected Donald Trump is from the Latino community.

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“We didn’t see anyone there that was Latin American or that we thought could speak Spanish,” Ceci added. “While we were surprised that no one really noticed, I really think that it stands as a testament to the lack of diversity surrounding that campaign.”