Creepy Clowns Are Closing In On NYC But Police Say Don’t Worry


The creepy clowns who have been terrorizing much of the¬†nation in recent weeks, have made their way over to New York state, with four reported sightings in the last week. While it’s not everyday that you hear about a kid dressed up in a horrifying clown costume peering through the bushes, NYPD assures that its residents shouldn’t be afraid.

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While NYPD has maintained there is nothing to worry about, a school in Long Island has already taken safety precautions to protect its student, according to reports. The elementary school announced Friday (Sept. 30) that it would be keeping its student inside during recess hours after clowns were spotted in the area, according to an official statement from the Lindenhurst Public School system. Additionally, photos have been circulating on social media of an armed person standing on the Hudson Valley Bridge, wearing a clown mask. Other clowns have been reportedly threatening to kidnap young children.

But despite the few scares, NYPD says New York residents shouldn’t fall prey to the media’s exaggerated reports. The Gothamist reports that NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner for Counterterrorism and Intelligence, John Miller said that his office has already investigated several clown threats in the past week and has “found none of these to be credible. “And we’ve tried to avoid falling into the trap of putting extra police protection [on the case],” he added.¬†“We’re tracking it, but we don’t see any real threat here,” Miller added. “Our main message is: don’t believe the hype, and don’t be afraid of the clowns.”

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With that being said, the menacing birthday clowns have struck Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Jersey. Many have chased school kids after they have been let out of school.

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