Dave Chappelle Dubs Donald Trump The “White Malcolm X”

Dave Chappelle hit the Roots Picnic stage in New York City Saturday (Oct. 1) to say a lit bit about the upcoming presidential elections, and dub Donald Trump the “white Malcolm X.”

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“I hope everybody votes. I know it’s a tough decision,” the comedian could be heard saying in fan videos. “Hillary Clinton vs. white Malcolm X. That crazy character, motherf**ker, is gonna kill us all, and lower my taxes.”

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Malcolm X was a civil rights activist during the 1960s movement who often emphasized the use of self defense and other harsh methods when confronted by racism — an ideal that differed greatly from Martin Luther King Jr.’s nonviolent civil disobedience tactics. While Trump wouldn’t be considered your modern-day black activist, his methods of “making America great again,” have been perceived as harsh and violent.

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