Debate Superstar Ken Bone Writes That Killing Of Trayvon Martin Was “Justified” On Reddit


Ken Bone, an undecided voter from Illinois who the Internet can’t seem to get enough of after his appearance during Oct. 9’s second Presidential debate, is probably not the stand-up guy the World Wide Web is upholding him to be.

After appearing just about everywhere this week, from Anderson Cooper’s CNN show to Jimmy Kimmel Live! to even getting tweeted at by Snoop Dogg, Bone decided to hold an AMA chat on Reddit for his fans. He’s riding this fame wagon until the wheels fall off, but it looks like the wheels are unhinging far sooner than anticipated.

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Nosy members of the #BoneZone decided to sift through of the earlier comments Mr. Bone has written on the site, and in doing so, they unlocked a lot of info about his opinions and private life.

In the most controversial statement unearthed, Bone suggested that the 2012 killing of Trayvon Martin was “justified.” He wrote his comments in a discussion about Martin’s murderer George Zimmerman’s choice to sell the gun he used to kill the unarmed black teenager.

“From what I read about the case, the shooting of Trayvon Martin was justified,” he wrote. “Bad guy legally kills kid in self defense. Sucks for everybody, including us due to media f**kery.” However, he did write one thing we can all agree on in this case- George Zimmerman “is a big ole sh** bird.”

CREDIT: Reddit

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Bone also forgot to clear his user page of comments regarding a few porn Reddit pages he enjoys. He also discussed the positive aspects of getting a vasectomy, admitted to ogling Jennifer Lawrence’s nude pictures and admitted to felony insurance fraud as little as three months ago.

We see now that Ken Bone is more than just a little man in a sweater who cares a lot about energy policy…