Dee-1 Shares Valuable Money Lessons In “No Car Note” Video


After watching Dee-1’s video for “No Car Note,” it might make you reconsider that BMW i8 for a 1998 Honda Accord instead. Directed by Tommy Talley, the New Orleans rapper puts an emphasis on all the money one can save instead of paying hundreds of dollars on a car note monthly.


The visuals take viewers on a journey about the realities of wasting money on fly cars when you still have responsibilities to take care of. His friends all have smiles on their faces as they repeatedly say, “No Car Note.” The “Sallie Mae Back” rapper throws in a joke by having one of his co-stars say, “I’d sell my wife before I sell my car.”

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Dee’s real plot twist is at the end of the video when the emcee teaches fans that you can’t be judged based off a car. At the end of the video, a woman is shocked to find out he lives in a mansion, and he simply replies: “I don’t have a car note, what you think I spend my money on?” He teaches us that staying true to yourself no matter what box society wants to fit you in is all that matters.