Detroit Woman Takes Bold Stance With BLM-Themed Halloween Decorations

A Detroit woman is hoping to spark conversation after taking a creative and social stance with her Halloween decorations.

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Larethia Haddon has been the subject of local laughs and scares for her decorations every Halloween, but this year, the proud grandmother wants passerbys to be aware of the horrors that exist in the real world. Decorations that condemn police shootings, terrorist threats and Flint’s water crisis were made by the help of her grandchildren who have new villains flooding their nightmares. “The kids aren’t afraid of the boogie man anymore,” she said to Fox WJBK“They say grandma; we’re scared to go outside and play.”

Neighbors have reacted to the decorations with tears and gratitude. “A lady was standing out here yesterday looking at the scene, and she was just crying, just breaking down in tears,” Haddon said. “So I came out, and I just held her. To thwart confusion, Haddon only keeps up the decorations during the day. She also welcomed neighbors and those who want to make a change to her local church. “We have to start reaching out and helping each other,” she said. “If we don’t, this scene in my yard is going to continue to be a reality.

Take a look at some more of her displays in the video below.

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