Donald Trump Supporter Tries To Blame Hip-Hop For #TrumpTapes, Fails Miserably

When it comes to being offensive, the world is constantly learning that Donald Trump doesn’t discriminate.  

The Washington Post recently released an 11-year old recording of the billionaire engaged in a vulgar conversation with former Access Hollywood host, Billy Bush, that might just kill his presidential bid.

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In the recording, Trump brags about forcing women to kiss him, preying on a married woman (Entertainment Tonight host, Nancy O’Dell), and claims fame and money allow him to do anything he wants — like grabbing  woman “by the p*ssy.”

After the tapes were released, Trump went on national television to squint his way through a  robotic apology (if you pay close attention to his eyes can clearly see he’s reading every word he says from a teleprompter).

Trump’s mea culpa wasn’t enough to undue the damage, even running mate, Mike Pence, couldn’t defend the Republican presidential hopeful.

But Trump does have some supporters, and Stacy Washington is among the bunch. The conservative radio talk show host feverishly defended him on CNN Saturday (Oct. 8),  which may be a little ironic, considering she belongs to two of the many groups Trump has projected negative views on in the past: minorities and women.

“I didn’t say the comments were okay, I condemned them, I think they were horrible but they were 11 years ago.” Washington said during an exchange with CNN’s Poppy Harlow.

Harlow noted that Trump made “sexually aggressive comments about grabbing women because you can, because you’re powerful,” at which point Washington pulled the hip-hop card.

“Sounds a lot like hip-hop music from today,” she said.

Harlow rejected Washington’s attempt by stating the obvious: “Hip-hop artists are not running for president.”

Washington’s lazy comparison didn’t get much love on Twitter.

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As Hilary Rosen points out in a separate conversation with Washington and Fredricka Whitfield Trump’s apology is full of double standards, that nobody seems to be buying.

Trump asserts in the apology, that his past comments shouldn’t matter because he’s a new person, yet brings Bill Clinton. 


  1. Bill Clinton isn’t his opponent (it’s .
  2. If something Trump said 11 years ago doesn’t matter, why should something that your opponent’s partner did matter?

Maybe Trump is bad at math and facial/name recognition, or he only applies certain exceptions to himself.

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Either way, he’s full of a bunch of “it,” and people are getting tired of listening to him repeatedly degrade and disrespect others.

Just in case, Trump tries to forget this whole thing ever happened, producer Mike Dean’s immortalized his comments in “Grab ‘Em By Da P*ssy.”

Peep the track below.

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