Make Hollywood Blvd. Great Again: Man Takes A Sledgehammer To Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star

The upcoming presidential election really seems to be getting to some people. With less than two weeks to go before Election Day, one voter dressed in construction worker gear took their frustrations and a sledgehammer to Donald Trump’s Hollywood star, completely smashing it beyond recognition.

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According to reports at Deadline, the vandal later identified as Jamie Ortis, arrived to the Republican’s star on Hollywood Boulevard around 5:45 a.m. Ortis reportedly began demolishing the star in an attempt to remove and auction it off, with intent to give all of the proceeds to the women who accused the presidential candidate of sexual assault over the decades. But when his removal plan didn’t go as expected, Ortis began smashing the star to pieces, taking off Trump’s name card and the middle plaque. ABC News obtained surveillance footage of the incident, showing Ortis, sledgehammer in hand, hacking away at the concrete symbol as sparks began to fly.

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Trump received the Hollywood star in 2007 for his work on NBC’s The Apprentice. Since its inaugural ceremony, Trump’s star has fallen victim to a number of vandalization cases. Earlier in Jan. 2016, another vandal spray painted a reverse swastika on the symbol, and another artist built a mini border around Trump’s square on the walkway in reference to his mission to build a wall across the Mexican-American border. Prior to the star’s destruction, a petition had reportedly formed demanding to remove Trump from Hollywood Boulevard. The Chamber of Commerce denied the petition, but it looks like that didn’t matter.